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Our Story

Welcome to Keycapor, a brand fueled by the spirit of craftsmanship, where every detail is perfected to bring you the ultimate in gaming experience.

Our journey began as an anime fan mesmerized by the worldbuilding and artistry of shows like Gundam, and Pokemon. I was driven to bring that passion into the real world. With the rise of mechanical keyboards, I saw potential to transform keys into mini masterpieces.


What We Do

Every Keycapor creation starts with our meticulous design process sculpting original works of art inspired by beloved anime characters and themes. We hand-select vibrant color palettes and high quality resin specialized for keycap molding and durability. Every keycap starts as our own hand-sculpted clay model, meticulously capturing each mech detail. From shaping each cap to painting finer details, our acute attention and care infuse every keycap with life.

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We Hope

Keycapor‘s goal is to share the joy I feel breathing life into these anime-inspired keycaps. I want fans to delight in seeing their favorite characters and shows transformed into functional keyboard art custom-made just for them.

Keycapor allows me to merge innovation with my artistic roots. The handcrafting process means each Keycapor piece is truly unique. I look forward to crafting bespoke keycap masterpieces that reflect the passions of our fellow anime fans.

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Thanks for trusting our efforts!



This was such a cute key. the details are really good. It was also well packaged and arrived in good time!



I absolutely adore this keycap! Super blown away by the quality of it!



Excellent quality, fit without issue. Looks amazing!



Artistic detail is exactly as advertised and a beautiful piece altogether.

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