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Mewtwo Pokemon Keycap


Mewtwo Pokémon Keycap, a Pokémon with superpower attribute legend, is a Pokémon created by restructuring the genetic heritage of Mew, although the genes of the super dream are almost identical to that of Fantasy, the unparalleled power exists exclusively for the purpose of fighting.Mewtwo Pokémon Keycap is based on the attacking action, and the scene consists of the city ruins lining the super strength of Mewtwo.

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🔰 These handcrafted Pokémon resin artisan keycaps are a dream come true for collectors and Pokémon fans alike.
🔰 Using a beautiful combination of supplies, including extremely clear resin and a large number of painted layers.
🔰 The large number of painted coloring layers ranges from huge blocks of color to color details as small as 0.1mm.
🔰 To ensure unparalleled gloss and transparency, we use one of the best resins available.
🔰 Use of the best paint tinting, coated under a premium UV-resistant coating that completely protects the saturation of the keycaps over time.
🔰 SA profile and standard cross-shaped stem for easy installation.

pokemon keycaps effect-2


💠 Design: Height ~ 16 mm, Size: SA, Key R1 – R4 / Esc.
💠 Fits all Cherry MX mechanical keyboards. Such as Filco, Ikbc, Keycool, Ducky, Ganss… etc. cherry MX RGB
💠 As these are artisan products, colors and designs may vary slightly from the pictures.
💠 Most of the keycaps listed are custom made and therefore take time to produce. Production usually takes 1 to 2 weeks and shipping takes 1 to 4 weeks, depending on your location.



Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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    The quality is EXCEPTIONAL! The Mewtwo is so well painted, I have no idea how they were able to paint it so perfectly so small. I’m thoroughly impressed, very very happy with this keycap 😁


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