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What Are Artisan Keycaps: A Masterpiece for Keyboard Enthusiasts

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If you’re a keyboard enthusiast, you’ve most likely come across the term “artisan keycaps.” These exquisite artworks bring more fun and possibilities to the keyboard. Some are original designs and some are anime characters, adding more options for personalization. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of artisan keycaps, exploring their history, different types, and how they’re made. Plus, we’ll guide you to the best places to buy high-quality artisan keycaps, including recommended retailers like Keycapor.

The Origins of Artisan Keycaps

Handmade keycaps are a niche branch of the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community. Handmade keycaps emerged in 2010 by a niche community of part-time independent makers and supportive collectors who initially sold and traded on Geekhack. Their novel keycap creations sparked interest and demand for customized keycaps in the keyboard world.

Soon, distinguished makers using high-quality materials and hand-engraving techniques earned accolades. Their attention to detail and one-of-a-kind caps attracted avid collectors.

As the number of collectors increased, the market for these miniature pieces flourished. And the mushrooming of more and more cap makers gave birth to more and more unique and personalized handmade keycaps.

Today, handmade keycaps have become a touchpoint for showcasing craftsmanship and creativity. They embody the spirit of a hobby centered on customization and showcasing personal style.

What are Artisan Keycaps

Artisan keycaps are personalized, custom keycaps handcrafted by artists to replace the regular keys on mechanical keyboards. These miniature pieces focus on imaginative design, materials and intricate details that set them apart from mass-produced keycaps.

What sets Artisan keycaps apart is how they allow for personal customization and creative expression. Keycap artisans pour their artistic vision into crafting stunning keycap masterpieces out of materials as diverse as resin, clay, wood, and metal. Vibrant colors, innovative carvings and one-of-a-kind finishing touches make each finished keycap unique.

keycaps bg
Artisan Keycaps

Artisan keycaps showcase the individual tastes and passions of the craftsmen. Anime enthusiasts may adorn their keyboards with manga-inspired designs, while foodies opt for juicy, fruity keycaps. Like a gallery exhibit, Artisan keycaps make mechanical keyboards a canvas for creative passions.

Artisan keycaps are usually compatible with widely used switch types, such as the Cherry MX, which uses a cross-shank slider mechanism. They can be installed on standard mechanical keyboards that use these switch types to replace regular keycaps.

The tailored look and handcrafted nature of Artisan keycaps make them a creative way for mechanical keyboard users to showcase their personal style.

Gundam Keycap

Types of Artisan Keycaps


Resin Artisan Keycaps

Designed models and matching scenes are placed into molds, clear resin is poured in and allowed to cure, revealing the creative models within as if they were amber.

wood artisan keycaps

Wood Artisan Keycaps

Crafted from various types of wood using a CNC machine and artistic painting to reveal the natural grain and texture that makes each piece truly unique.


Metal Artisan Keycaps

CNC machined from metals such as titanium, copper, and aluminum, then engraved and polished for a glossy finish. The sculpted surface and premium feel make these heavy duty keycaps extremely durable.

clay artisan keycap

Clay Artisan Keycaps

Sculpted from polymer or clay and hardened using baking or air-drying techniques to retain the fine details of the sculpting process.

gundam keycap

3D Printed Keycaps

3D models are designed through modeling, then prototypes are created using a high precision 3D printer, and then processed through multiple stages to produce stunning, detailed 3D artisan keycaps.

How to Make Resin Artisan Keycaps

Keycap craftsmen often use a variety of materials and techniques to achieve unique, personalized keycaps. Such as sculpting the design in clay or digitally, using silicone to create a mold, and then casting the keycaps in resin to create it. Some use 3D printing or CNC machining. The following mainly introduces the casting method of Artisan resin keycaps:

  1. Design concept: Design keycaps according to personal preference, theme or special occasion. For example, anime characters, game elements, natural landscape, etc. as the design theme.
  2. Mold manufacturing: use design software to sketch the keycaps, model and design the overall shape, pattern, color and other details of the keycaps.
  3. Coloring and detailing: According to the design sketches, use paints and fine brushes to color the model. During the coloring process, multiple coats and drying are required to achieve the desired effect.
  4. Making the resin mixture: Mix the A component and B component of the resin together according to a certain proportion of the resin. Use an electronic scale to ensure the proportions are accurate. Try to avoid air bubbles during the mixing process.
  5. Resin casting: Pour the resin mixture into the keycap mold. During the pouring process, be careful to control the speed to avoid air bubbles. A toothpick or needle tip can be used to gently run over the surface of the mold to eliminate air bubbles.
  6. Curing and demolding: Wait for the resin to cure. Curing time varies depending on the type of resin and environmental conditions. Once curing is complete, remove the keycaps from the mold. Clean and polish the keycaps using sandpaper or a grinding wheel.
  7. Protective Coating: In order to protect the color and pattern of the keycaps, a clear protective coating can be applied to their surface. This prevents the keycaps from wearing out or fading in daily use.
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Are Artisan keycaps worth buying?

Whether buying Artisan keycaps is worth it depends on your needs and budget. If you are looking for a personalized design, high-quality materials, and a better feel while not minding to spend a higher price, then Craftsman keycaps are a good choice. However, if you only need a keycap for basic functionality, a regular keycap may be more suitable for you.

Artisan Keycaps Pros and Cons

Unique aestheticsHigher costs
HandcraftedLong production times
CustomizationProfile uniformity issues
Limited editionsLimited Availability

Unique aesthetics – Eye-catching signature styles stand out
Handcrafted – Intricate hand finishing and painting
Customization – Express personal flair on keyboards
Compatibility – Made to fit popular Cherry MX switches
Tactility Sculpting allows improved fingertip grip
Limited editions – Exclusivity and collectability

pokemon resin keycaps
Pokemon Artisian Keycaps

Difference between artisan keycaps and regular keycaps

FeaturesArtisan keycapsOrdinary keycaps
designUnique and personalizedCommon, common
MaterialDiversity (such resin, metal)Common (such as ABS)
CraftsmanshipExquisite, finegenerally
Customization optionsRichlimited
art valuehighLow
compatibilitymay be restrictedwidely

Artistic Expression vs. Standardization: Artisan keycaps prioritize artistic expression and uniqueness, offering a personalized touch to keyboards. Regular keycaps, on the other hand, are designed for mass production and standardization.

Limited Edition and Collectibility: Artisan keycaps often come in limited editions, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts. Regular keycaps are readily available and focus on meeting the basic functional needs of a keyboard.

Community Engagement: Artisan keycaps foster a sense of community through a passionate group of collectors and artisans. Regular keycaps are part of the broader market and cater to a wider audience.

Cost Considerations: Artisan keycaps are often more expensive due to their handmade or limited-edition nature. Regular keycaps are budget-friendly and widely accessible.

artisan resin keycaps
Artisan keycaps and regular keycaps

Artisan keycaps offer more customization and unique aesthetics, while regular keycaps offer affordability, consistency, standardization, and ease of use. The final choice depends on personal preference, budgetary constraints, and the level of customization required for a mechanical keyboard.

Where to Buy High-Quality Artisan Keycaps

You can buy artisan keycaps from various online platforms and artisan keycap communities. Some popular options include:



Many small artisans sell handmade keycaps through their Etsy stores. Many unique and customized designs.



The largest e-commerce platform on which you can choose from a wide variety of keycaps, but be aware of the different quality controls.



Group buying site with limited group buys on artisan caps made by various creators.


Reddit. r/mechmarket

Active community sales board for individual keycap makers and collectors to buy/sell.



Forum classified section where artisan creators list upcoming sales information and availability.



Outstanding artisan keycap merchant known for high quality, attention to detail and full handmade craftsmanship, mainly selling Gundam, Pokémon and other artisan keycaps.

- Excellent details and unique designs
- Experienced craftsmen, quality assurance
- Numerous promotions
- Prices that meet expectations and won't let you down

For more Artisan Keycap Merchants worth buying visit: Top 10 Artisan Keycap Merchants

When purchasing artisan keycaps, pay attention to the artisan’s reputation, reviews, and material quality. Remember, these unique keycaps are often produced in limited quantities, so act quickly if you find one that steals your heart.


Artisan keycaps are unique keycaps that allow for personalization and creative expression on mechanical keyboards. Each keycap is handcrafted by an artisan in small batches, meticulously finished and embellished into a miniature work of art. For keyboard enthusiasts, they are the ultimate intersection of functionality and artistic form of customization.

Frequently Asked Question

Most artisan keycaps are designed to fit standard mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX or similar switches.

Artisan keycaps have a wide range of prices, from $10 to $200 each, depending on factors such as the artisan, the materials used, and the complexity of the design.

Each keycap requires a large amount of specialized labor to create, from engraving to painting to finishing, the entire process is very time consuming and requires a lot of skill, resulting in a higher price.

And don’t worry, we will send you a reminder through email and admin notice banner of your WordPress dashboard.

Quality resins and coatings provide good longevity. However, care should be taken with maintenance as it is more difficult to rebuild damaged keycaps.

They add character, but can affect typing comfort due to differences between keys. For 3D cubic keycaps it is best to place them in a location that is not commonly used.

For enthusiasts who want personal customization for creative expression, absolutely. For some limited edition keycaps, there is even more appreciation value.

Some of the more famous ones are Keycapor, Jelly Key, Dwarf-Factory, etc. Each brand has different styles of personalized artisan keycaps to choose from according to your preference.

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